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Contemporary Music

For many years I have been involved with music which has been composed during my own life time. It is a great joy and a privilege to be a part of the composition process, and to bring new music to life. The social and economic changes in the global village, produce  - in addition to the old sources  - great music from brand new sources. To name just a couple - there is a great flourish of women composers and of Asian composers. My homeland of Israel is a well musical treasures, with its multi-cultural influences. I work closely with several Israeli composers, who like myself divide their time between Israel and abroad.  

Selected recordings


Talia Amar - Deja Vu

Cello and Piano

John Bostock - Variations for Piano and Cello

Nicole Murphy - She Says

M. H. Bernard - Not Welcome

A. Epshtein - Temporary Shelter

N. Murphy - She says

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