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As of November 2022, Yotam is represented worldwide exclusively by Abiry Artists Management, London

New Management

For bookings please contact: Dr. Mia Sperber, Managing Director, Abiry Artists Management,, + 44 20 3576 0629 and +44 7561 811670


NeustartKultur project "Exile" video #3 - Dutillieux Trois Strophes sur le nom de Sacher

Many thanks to video editor Renata Bueno Tavares


Goldberg Variations Trailer

Martin Masan - violin
Mihai Cocea - viola


New Appointment in Kaiserslautern

Effective immediately, until the end of the year, Yotam was appointed Solocellist (principal cellist) at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern. 


Hindemith Institute Frankfurt, about my performance of the Solo Sonata


NeustartKultur - Project "Exile" Video #2 - Ligeti

The wonderful english dancer Joseph Gray has created a wonderful choreography for the first movement of the Ligeti cello sonata. Special thanks to Anina Stancu and Marco Boschetti who helped tremendeously with the production.  


New Appointment

One year contract as associate principal cellist at Sinfonieorchester wuppertal


Heartwarming Review at the Echo


"Project Exile" on SlippedDisc


Stipend from NeustartKultur

I am extremely honored and happy, that the Deutsche MusikRat has decided to award a 6,ooo Euro stipend to support my recording project, "Exile". My equal partner in crime, is the incredible video editor Renata Bueno Tavares, who realized our mutual concepts in picture and in video art.  Special thanks go to Balazs Orban, who helped with the sound and the production, to Megan Chapelas who helped with the appliaction, and to Chen Rosen, who also helped with the production.

July 25, 2021

Goppisberger Musikfestival und Akademie

Yotam will be teaching and performing a the Goppisberger Musik Festival und Akademie, in Spiez, Switzerland

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